The 10 Most beautiful towns in Spain

The 10 Most beautiful towns in Spain

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Spain is a country that captures the heart with its diverse landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. While the bustling cities like Barcelona and Madrid often steal the spotlight, the true essence of Spanish charm can be found in its smaller towns. These hidden gems offer a more intimate and authentic experience of the country’s heritage, traditions, and natural beauty. From medieval fortresses to fragrant lavender fields, each town on this list of the 10 most beautiful towns in Spain is a destination unto itself, promising travelers unforgettable memories and a unique glimpse into the local way of life.

Key Takeaways

  • Altura, Castellon, is a serene retreat within the Sierra Calderona, offering a harmonious blend of nature and history.
  • Artajona, Navarra, boasts medieval grandeur from its hilltop vantage point, transporting visitors back in time.
  • Brihuega, Guadalajara, is known for its aromatic lavender fields, adding a touch of purple splendor to the landscape.
  • Cabezuela del Valle, Caceres, is the jewel of the Jerte Valley, celebrated for its picturesque scenery and cherry blossoms.
  • Competa, Malaga, combines natural beauty with cultural festivities, making it a hiker’s paradise and a hub for celebrations.

1. Altura, Castellon

1. Altura, Castellon

Nestled within the Parque Natural de la Sierra Calderona, Altura, Castellon, is a picturesque example of the mountain towns in Spain. This tranquil town offers a perfect blend of nature’s beauty and historical richness, providing a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

  • Experience the blend of nature and history
  • Wander through lush greenery
  • Enjoy panoramic views

Altura is a natural haven where one can immerse in the peaceful ambience and the scenic beauty of Comunitat Valenciana.

Whether you’re looking to explore the great outdoors or simply relax in a peaceful setting, Altura has something to offer for every visitor. Its enchanting locale is a testament to the allure of rural Spain, making it a top destination for those seeking a genuine connection with nature.

2. Artajona, Navarra

2. Artajona, Navarra

Artajona, one of the most beautiful towns in northern Spain, stands proudly atop a hill, its medieval roots reaching deep into the soil of Navarra. The town’s historical heart beats within the walls of ‘El Cerco’, a fortress that has withstood the test of time since the 11th century.

The streets of Artajona are a mosaic of historical palaces and religious buildings, each telling a unique story of the town’s rich past. The San Saturnino Church, a Romanesque treasure, anchors the spiritual life of the community, while the Dolmenes de Artajona offer a connection to prehistoric times.

Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in the town’s history and explore the following points of interest:

  • The formidable fortifications of ‘El Cerco’
  • The San Saturnino Church and its Romanesque architecture
  • The Dolmenes de Artajona, set against the picturesque hills

Artajona is not just a destination; it’s an experience where every turn reveals a new chapter in a long and storied history.

3. Brihuega, Guadalajara

3. Brihuega, Guadalajara

Step into the aromatic world of Brihuega, Guadalajara, affectionately known as ‘The Garden of Alcarria’. This picturesque town is a feast for the senses, especially during its celebrated lavender festival when the countryside blooms with vibrant hues and intoxicating scents. As you walk through Brihuega’s historic centre, enclosed by its ancient 12th-century walls, you’ll find yourself transported to a time when these battlements stood guard over the town’s inhabitants.

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Among Brihuega’s architectural treasures are the 18th-century landmarks such as the Real Fábrica de Paños, which showcases the town’s rich industrial heritage. The photo ayuntamiento de Brihuega (town hall) captures the essence of Spanish Baroque architecture, while the Castle of la Piedra Bermeja offers panoramic views that are simply breathtaking.

For those looking to experience rural destinations in Spain, get directions to Brihuega’s lavender fields for an unforgettable visual and olfactory journey. The town’s beauty is not just in its landscapes but also in its ability to harmonise nature with historical splendour.

4. Cabezuela del Valle, Caceres

4. Cabezuela del Valle, Caceres

Cabezuela del Valle, nestled in the heart of the Jerte Valley, is a testament to the most beautiful villages in Spain. This medieval town, with its intertwining rivers and waterways, offers scenic walks through its tranquil old town—a hidden treasure of rural charm. The cobblestone streets and traditional architecture are a picturesque embodiment of the region’s rich history and culture.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the local way of life, exploring historical landmarks like the Church of San Miguel. Its bell tower provides panoramic views over the terracotta rooftops, a sight not to be missed. The town is also celebrated for its cherry orchards, which during spring, transform the valley into a canvas of blooming pink.

For those seeking the essence of small villages in Spain, Cabezuela del Valle should be at the top of the list. Here’s a quick guide to what the town offers:

  • Historical landmarks and scenic beauty
  • Traditional architecture and cobblestone streets
  • Cherry orchards with spectacular spring blossoms

This jewel of the Jerte Valley is a perfect example of the serene beauty that rural Spain has to offer. It’s a destination that truly captures the spirit of the 10 best rural destinations in Spain.

5. Competa, Malaga

5. Competa, Malaga

Nestled in the heart of Andalusia, Cómpeta stands out as a jewel among Spanish coastal towns. Its Roman origins are still visible in the charming central square and the historic church, offering a glimpse into the town’s storied past. The surrounding natural parks make Cómpeta a hiker’s paradise, providing endless trails with breathtaking views.

Cómpeta is not just a destination; it’s an experience that embodies the spirit of Andalusia.

The town is also renowned for its vibrant festivals, such as the ‘Noche de Vino’, which celebrate the local winemaking tradition. These events are a perfect opportunity to engage with the community and experience the authentic Spanish culture firsthand. To truly appreciate what makes Cómpeta one of the best rural destinations in Spain, plan your visit during these lively celebrations.

Here’s a quick guide to what you can expect in Cómpeta:

  • Incredible views and outdoor activities
  • Rich cultural heritage and Roman roots
  • The famous ‘Noche de Vino’ festival
  • A warm community that embodies the Andalusian spirit

6. Enciso, La Rioja

6. Enciso, La Rioja

Enciso, a quaint town in La Rioja, is a hidden gem known for its rich history and stunning natural landscapes. Visitors are often captivated by the town’s picturesque streets and traditional architecture.

Enciso is also renowned for its paleontological significance, boasting numerous dinosaur footprints that date back millions of years. The town’s dedication to preserving these ancient relics is evident in the local paleontology center and several outdoor sites.

Enciso offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a tranquil escape with a touch of education.

For those interested in exploring the town’s paleontological treasures, here’s a brief guide:

  • Visit the Paleontology Center to learn about the region’s prehistoric past.
  • Take a guided tour of the dinosaur footprint sites.
  • Enjoy a leisurely walk through the old town to admire the traditional stone houses.
  • Relax in the natural surroundings, including the nearby Cidacos River.
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7. Peñafiel, Valladolid

7. Peñafiel, Valladolid

Nestled in the heart of the Ribera del Duero wine region, Peñafiel is a town where history and viticulture intertwine. The iconic Peñafiel Castle, a medieval fortress, stands proudly over the town, offering breathtaking views and housing the esteemed Provincial Wine Museum. A visit here is not just a lesson in history, but an indulgence for the senses, especially for wine enthusiasts.

The Plaza del Coso, an architectural gem, has been the center of local festivities and bullfighting for centuries, preserving the essence of Spanish culture. As you meander through the cobblestone streets, you’ll feel the pulse of traditions that have been kept alive through generations.

Peñafiel’s charm is amplified by its deep connection to the past, a place where every step is a journey through time.

For those seeking to immerse themselves in authentic rural Spanish life, Peñafiel is a destination that promises an unforgettable experience. Its timeless traditions and historic allure are complemented by the surrounding landscape of rolling vineyards, making it a picturesque escape from the modern world.

8. Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona

8. Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona

Discover Sant Hilari Sacalm, a verdant oasis in Girona known as the Town of 100 Fountains. This picturesque destination is a sanctuary of tranquillity, where the gentle murmur of streams feeding into forests and rivers creates a melodious symphony of nature. The rural cortijos, the historic church, and the therapeutic waters of the Font Vella spa are all integral parts of the town’s identity, each one a testament to the life-giving force of water that flows through the area.

The abundance of natural springs has earned Sant Hilari Sacalm its moniker, and visitors can embark on a journey to explore these fountains, each with its own story and character. The Font Vella spa, renowned for its mineral-rich waters, offers a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, drawing people from far and wide seeking wellness retreats.

For an immersive experience in one of the best rural destinations in Spain, get directions to Sant Hilari Sacalm and let the town’s serene atmosphere wash over you.

If you’re looking for activities, Sant Hilari Sacalm doesn’t disappoint. The town is not only a feast for the eyes but also a hub for outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s a quick guide to the top 5 bike rides and cycling routes around the area:

  1. The Fountain Explorer Route
  2. The Forest Whisper Trail
  3. The River Harmony Circuit
  4. The Mountain Echo Path
  5. The Valley Serenade Journey

Each route promises a unique adventure amidst the natural beauty of Sant Hilari Sacalm, catering to cyclists of all levels.

9. Santa Eulalia de Oscos, Asturias

9. Santa Eulalia de Oscos, Asturias

Nestled in the heart of Asturias, Santa Eulalia de Oscos stands as a testament to the timeless allure of rural Spain. This historic hamlet, with a population of just 600, offers a serene escape into the essence of Spanish heritage. The town’s landscape is a picturesque blend of stone churches, noble homes, and the natural beauty of green fields and hills.

Santa Eulalia de Oscos is not just a place, it’s an experience; a living museum where each stone has a tale to whisper.

As one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, Santa Eulalia de Oscos invites visitors to explore its historical treasures. The medieval fort, now a beacon of culture, and the town’s well-preserved buildings are a must-see. For those seeking the charm of the most beautiful towns in Spain, a leisurely walk through its aqueducts, bridges, and waterfalls is essential. The Via Verde de Ojos Negros offers a unique journey through nature, perfectly complementing the town’s architectural harmony.

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10. Vilaflor, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

10. Vilaflor, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Nestled high in the Tenerife mountains, Vilaflor claims its fame as the highest village in Spain. At an elevation of 1400 metres, it’s a breath of fresh air for those seeking serenity and stunning vistas. The village’s location within the Parque Natural de la Corona Forestal is a gateway to the island’s natural splendors.

Vilaflor’s historic streets, adorned with traditional Canarian architecture, tell tales of a rich cultural past. The village squares, vibrant with local life, offer a chance to blend in and relish the alpine beauty over a cup of coffee. The viewpoints around Vilaflor provide some of the most stunning vantage points on the island, framing panoramic views of pine forests and volcanic landscapes.

Vilaflor is not just a destination; it’s an experience that encapsulates the essence of rural Tenerife, making it a deserving candidate in the top 10 most beautiful villages in Spain.

For those looking to explore, here’s a quick guide:

  • Wander the historic streets and admire the Canarian architecture
  • Relax in the village squares and enjoy local hospitality
  • Visit the miradores for breathtaking panoramic images

Vilaflor’s charm is undeniable, a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural richness that stands out among the top 10 most beautiful villages in Spain.

Discover the serene beauty of Vilaflor, nestled in the picturesque landscape of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. As the highest village in Spain, Vilaflor offers a unique blend of breathtaking views, rich history, and tranquil ambiance. Whether you’re seeking adventure on its many hiking trails or a peaceful retreat among the pine-scented air, Vilaflor is a destination that should not be missed. Visit our website to explore more about Vilaflor and plan your unforgettable journey to this enchanting village.


Spain’s charm is not only found in its bustling cities and famous beaches but also in the quaint and picturesque towns that dot its diverse landscape. From the lavender fields of Brihuega to the alpine allure of Vilaflor, each town offers a unique glimpse into the rich tapestry of Spanish culture, history, and natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking the tranquility of Santa Eulalia de Oscos or the medieval splendor of Artajona, these ten beautiful towns are quintessential stops on any Spanish itinerary. They invite travelers to slow down, savor the local flavors, and create memories in some of the most enchanting corners of Spain. As you plan your next adventure, consider stepping off the beaten path to discover the timeless traditions and breathtaking vistas that await in Spain’s most beautiful towns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Altura, Castellon special?

Altura, Castellon is a natural haven located in the Sierra Calderona, known for its beautiful scenery and harmonious blend of nature and architecture.

Why should I visit Artajona, Navarra?

Artajona, Navarra boasts medieval majesty with its hilltop location and historical significance, offering visitors a glimpse into Spain’s rich past.

What is unique about Brihuega, Guadalajara?

Brihuega, Guadalajara is renowned for its fragrant lavender fields that bloom in the summer, creating a picturesque and sensory experience.

What can I expect in Cabezuela del Valle, Caceres?

Cabezuela del Valle, Caceres, known as the Jerte Valley’s jewel, offers stunning natural landscapes and is a perfect spot for nature lovers.

What activities are available in Competa, Malaga?

Competa, Malaga is a hub for hiking and festivals amidst natural splendor, providing a vibrant cultural experience along with outdoor adventures.

What distinguishes Enciso, La Rioja from other towns?

Enciso, La Rioja is famous for its dinosaur trails and thermal baths, offering a unique combination of prehistoric intrigue and relaxation.

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